Operate from a position of compliance.

The Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) regulatory framework is dynamic. There are regular changes to standards, requirements and conditions. As a provider of training services, you need to stay up-to-date with these changes to ensure you continue to operate from a position of compliance. Here’s a breakdown of some key areas relating to compliance […]

Compliance is more than just following rules and regulations.

Organisations today face an increasingly complex regulatory environment. To meet their compliance obligations, they need to have a strong compliance program in place. Compliance is a process, a mindset, a culture, and a team effort. It’s continuous, and it’s about more than just following rules and regulations. It’s about risk management, people, and communication. When […]

The CEO Declaration of Compliance

Have you ever stopped to wonder why, when you return to Australia, border officials ask you “Do you have anything to declare?” There are a few reasons for this. Australia imposes taxes on goods entering the country, and in order to protect those tariffs, we restrict the things that can be imported duty-free. Australia, like […]

Interview with Maciek Fibrich, Quality and Compliance Auditor

Maciek Fibrich is the Director of RTO Coaching and Consultancy Pty Ltd which provides amongst other services, coaching, mentoring and consultancy services as well as professional development and operational support to training organisations across Australia. Maciek has been working in the Vocational Training sector for 21 years and as a consultant for over 15 years […]