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Our expertise in developing resources and access to industry professionals is what sets us apart. We started with audit and compliance support and developed into publishers for the simple reason that we couldn’t find any compliant learning or assessment resources in the market. Our resources have been tried, tested and they are audit-ready.

We are developing training and assessment material for RTOs, TAFEs and Universities including RTO Registration, Re-registration, Audit outcomes and Addition to Scope. This includes the development of Learner Guides, Assessments, Mapping, Assessor Guides, RPL, and LLN packages across a range of industries.

Learning and Assessment Kit

Learning and Assessment Kit

Training and Assessment Strategy

Training and Assessment Strategy

Policies and Procedure

Professional Development

Vocational Placement Kits

We never stop developing quality RTO resources.

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“These are by far the best I have seen in my search so far. Really good visually and lots of real workplace examples and drawings.”

Training and Quality Manager

“The services we received were outstanding. You have top quality people working in your organization with excellent interpersonal skills.”

RTO – Perth


“There are no other resources that can meet the standard and quality of your assessment and learner resources.”

RTO Manager