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RPL Kit-CUA50720 Diploma of Graphic Design

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    Pre-order now available. Individual units will be delivered three months after your payment has been received and qualifications will be delivered up to six months after your payment has been received.

    Our RPL Kits are developed to assist in making valid assessment decisions whilst remaining compliant with training standards.

    The RPL Kits are written for each qualification and include carefully designed documentation and simple instructions for evidence submission. The kit is designed to cover all units requirements with a range of appropriate assessment methods.

    Our RPL Kit includes six steps:

    Stage 1: An RPL Application Form and Information booklet for the candidate to complete that meets regulatory compliance, organisational and NCVER requirements.

    Stage 2: Includes:

    • A self assessment kit for candidates to assess their skills and knowledge
    • Competency conversation kit for candidates to demonstrate their skills and explain their level of knowledge.
    • Demonstration and observation kit with practical tasks, for candidates to provide additional evidence

    This fulfills training package requirements and the collection of supporting documentation and evidence. The kit also includes instructions regarding evidence-gathering tasks (where applicable).

    Stage 3: Third Party Kit, to be completed by an independent third party who is familiar with the candidate’s abilities in the workplace and who currently is (or has previously worked) in a supervisory position to the candidate. The third party person is asked to provide feedback on the candidate’s skills and workplace performance.

    Stage 4: The RPL Post Assessment Kit. This stage involves all the processes the Assessor and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) undertake to finalise the RPL assessment process for the candidate.

    Stage 5: The RPL Trainer and Assessor Kit. This includes benchmarking information for trainers and assessors to enable them to make consistent evaluations of competence. It includes detailed instructions, procedures and recording tools to be used during the process.

    Stage 6: Mapping Document. Questions, activities and tasks are mapped to the requirements of each unit of competency.

    We provide all documents to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily customise them as required. You are free to rebrand and reproduce these within your registered training organisation (RTO). Our RPL Kits can be used for an unlimited number of students within your RTO. Don’t forget about our QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE!

    RTOs purchase a license for their RTO only and are not permitted to share the documents with any other entity. Purchasers are asked to agree to a license agreement to this effect prior to purchase.

    Core units
    CUAGRD501 Research visual communication history and theory
    CUAGRD502 Produce graphic designs for 2-D and 3-D applications
    CUAGRD503 Produce typographic design solutions
    CUAGRD514 Create and manipulate graphics
    CUAGRD515 Design and manipulate complex layouts
    CUAGRD516 Develop graphic design practice to meet industry needs
    CUAPPR513 Present a body of own creative work
    Elective units
    BSBCMM411 Make presentations
    BSBCRT412 Articulate, present and debate ideas
    BSBCRT413 Collaborate in creative processes
    BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace
    BSBWHS512 Manage personal and professional development
    BSBMKG541 Contribute to managing work-related psychological health and safety
    BSBWRT411 Write complex documents
    BSBPMG430 Undertake project work
    BSBPRC402 Negotiate contracts
    BSBTWK401 Build and maintain business relationships
    BSBMKG439 Develop and apply knowledge of communications industry

    If you require RPL Kits with comprehensive benchmarking, please contact us for a quote.

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