Various phases of the assessment and validation processes (Part 4)

This is Part 4 of the article, where we are discussing the different phases of the validation processes an RTO should be following to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and industry expectations. In the previous articles, we discussed the following regarding the validation of assessment resources: Explanation of assessment validation Typical benchmarks used during the […]

Skills First – the Victorian 2022 Funding Contract

A short explanation The Department of Education and Training Victoria has opened a limited expression of interest (EOI) process for non-contracted training providers (new training providers) to deliver Skills First training for specific programs. What does this mean to your RTO? What are the matters the Department will consider during the evaluation process? Is your […]

Our webinar related to Skills First – By CAQA Experts

  Sukh Sandhu – Hello and welcome everyone. Please accept our thoughts and prayers for all those who are affected by the lockdown across Australia before we commence today’s presentation. The last several months have been extremely demanding and exhausting, but we are hoping that we will be able to come out of this situation […]

Providers: Check your delivery locations in asqanet are up-to-date

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date provider information is a requirement for training providers. Accurate delivery location data is important to provide students with surety and understanding about how and where your courses can take place. The information you provide in asqanet will be reflected on If you haven’t already done so this year, please check […]