How to protect the copyright of your training and assessment materials Margaret Ryan (lawyer and trade marks attorney)

Training and assessment materials are normally protected by copyright in Australia. They are a valuable resource and should be protected from unauthorised copying, which may reduce their value and the value of the business which supplies these resources. Copyright is automatic In Australia copyright protection is automatic. As soon is an author records their thoughts […]

Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO We need to make sure we eliminate any issues that lead to decreased student engagement and an increase in drop-out rates. We need to think about and execute support for students who want to complete a VET qualification and follow their interests or passion. Coming out of lockdown, we will need […]

Synchronous and asynchronous learning environments

Training organisations are getting more creative when it comes to how they help learners. They are working to find techniques, technologies and tools that can include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. The online learning experience has evolved over the years. The tools used in the past, like e-learning websites, have been replaced by newer technologies […]

The Concept of Immersive Education

Immersive education is a form of online education where you create a virtual learning environment and immerse students in the content. It is also called “learning outside the box” because it helps students learn in different ways such as learning by doing, creating, experimenting and creating digital content. The concept of immersive education is about […]

The features of high-quality online learning

Online learning is continuing to gain popularity with people seeking to learn new skills and train in the comfort of their homes. With the rapid advancement in technology, it has become easier for students to learn online compared to traditional classrooms. The main features of high-quality online learning are convenience and flexibility. The courses can […]

The simulated environment for online learning

A simulated environment is an artificial representation of a real-world environment. Training organisations are increasingly turning to simulations for training purposes. The point of simulations is to provide learners with an environment that is as close as possible to the real-world experience. They simulate reality and give them the opportunity of practising what they learn. […]

Why should you read and share THE VET SECTOR newsletter?

The purpose of this newsletter is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the industry representatives, giving them a voice and platform to raise their concerns and practices. The importance of this newsletter is not only because it has a lot of subscribers but also because without the right information, one cannot be an active participant […]

ASQA publishes scoping study on VET in schools

The scoping study on vocational education and training delivered to secondary school students was issued by the national regulating agency in order to protect the quality of VET delivery. It is ASQA’s role as national regulator for VET to work in partnership with training providers to guarantee compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations […]