Message from the CEO (23 March 2022)

Message from the CEO We welcome you to our March edition of the VET sector magazine. In this edition, there are articles discussing the NCVER submission, CEO declaration of Compliance, transition planning and much more. We thank you for taking the time to read this publication and we hope it provides you with useful information. […]

Australians are poorly prepared for the digital workplace

The digital age is upon us and with it comes new opportunities and challenges in the workplace. However, a recent study by Global Digital Skills Index 2022 Digital Skills Index has found that Australians are unprepared for the digital workplace, lagging behind other countries in terms of their use of technology. According to the recently […]

The CEO Declaration of Compliance

Have you ever stopped to wonder why, when you return to Australia, border officials ask you “Do you have anything to declare?” There are a few reasons for this. Australia imposes taxes on goods entering the country, and in order to protect those tariffs, we restrict the things that can be imported duty-free. Australia, like […]

Transition planning and requirements

The training packages are updated on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to meet industry and regulatory requirements. Training organisations are expected to perform a significant amount of maintenance work when there is a transition to a new package. The failure to manage transition planning can have negative consequences for your training organisation, […]

Requirements to enrol learners in your courses

There are specific prerequisites that must be met prior to student enrolment or the beginning of training and assessment, whichever occurs first. In addition, the RTO should advise the prospective learner on the training product that will best meet his or her needs while taking into consideration the individual’s existing skills and competencies. So what […]

The relationship between the training organisation and the regulatory body

The relationship between the training organisation and the regulatory body is important for both organisations. The regulatory body acts according to set standards that the training organisation must meet, and the training organisation provides the quality training and assessment that must meet the regulatory requirements and best practices of the industry. This relationship should be […]

What characteristics define a successful online learner?

Successful online learners have a few qualities in common with one another. They are self-motivated and disciplined, have solid time management abilities, have basic technical skills, and are effective communicators, among other characteristics. Self-motivated and disciplined Self-motivation is essential for achieving success in any effort, but it is particularly critical in online learning. Because online […]