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Integration is the key to the future – TROY WILLIAMS Australia needs an integrated tertiary education system in which higher education plus vocational education and training operate as one but they retain their separate identities. The rationale is strong. Those entering the workforce today are likely to have three or four careers before they retire, […]

Congratulations VOCEDplus for completing 30 years

Courtesy: VOCEDplus! It all started in 1989, with two print publications, Initiatives in Technical and Further Education and TAFE Projects in Progress. These articles were merged to become the Vocational Education and Training Research Database, a resource for the TAFE sector available through print and diskettes.      Over the past three decades, the database has undergone […]

New ESOS Regulations for CRICOS-registered providers

The Education Services for Overseas Students Regulations 2019 (ESOS Regulations) commence on 1 October 2019. They replace the current 2001 regulations.  The ESOS Regulations commence on 1 October 2019. Registered providers must comply with the ESOS Regulations from 1 October 2019, including by giving information in the  Provider Registration and International Student Management System (PRISMS). […]

Unpacking ASQA audit reports and files (Part 1)

Let’s look into what is actually going on in the audits and ASQA practices. We are referring here a number of examples from the audits conducted and the matters discussed in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by the Australian  Skills Quality Authority.  1. ASQA Auditor considering online documents on a Google drive as “Student Portal” and […]

Conducting validation in your training organisation

 What is validation? Explanation: Checking that the assessment tools, methods, judgement, evidence and processes to ensure that the training product meets: Principles of Assessment – i.e. valid, reliable, flexible and fair Rules of Evidence – i.e. valid, authentic, current and sufficient The judgment made by the trainer/assessor is benchmarked* with colleagues or industry experts There […]

The VET Sector News – September 2019

ASQA’s Sample AQF documentation gets updated to meet the requirements of third-party arrangements The ASQA Fact Sheet Sample AQF documentation has been updated for a clarification in light of recent Third Party arrangements guidance. The fact sheet now states “Only the name of the issuing organisation (your RTO) can be included on testamurs/statements of […]

VET accredited course leads the way

There are two different kinds of training products delivered by registered training organisations (RTOs) within the VET industry: training packages and VET accredited courses.  According to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA):   “A VET accredited course has been assessed by ASQA as compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications […]