Message from the CEO (20 Feb 2022)

Message from the CEO To know that the regulating body is revising its past practises in order to put more emphasis on positive things in the future such as working in collaboration with industry is a wonderful feeling. We’ve included some articles on topics such as the metaverse, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence in this […]

Reasonable adjustments in the learning environment

What is a reasonable adjustment? In vocational education and training (VET), the term reasonable adjustment refers to adjusting the learning environment or making adjustments to the training or assessments offered. This is to provide a student with additional needs and/or requirements the same learning opportunities as a student with no barriers to learning. Simple changes […]

RTO compliance guide to buy compliant assessment resources

According to almost all ASQA reports, getting an assessment right is one of an RTO’s most difficult compliance issues, with a substantial number of RTOs, audited being found to be non-compliant with clause 1.8 (ASQA’s 2017 report showed around 72% RTOs failed audit on assessment resources). This is what we notice as well whenever we […]

According to, more personalised learning opportunities will present opportunities in the global e-learning market by 2030.

The Global E-Learning Market report has been added to’s offering. E-learning is a learning system based on formalised teaching with the help of electronic resources. E-learning saves both time and money as video recorded lectures are easy to record and repeat whenever necessary. In addition, it helps to manage the schedule of students as […]

Why Australia is falling behind New Zealand in terms of digital (in)accessibility

The findings of a new study by Infosys suggest that Australia lags behind New Zealand when it comes to ensuring that all digital properties are accessible, such as making mobile banking and digital citizen services accessible, as well as making online learning experiences accessible. 650 medium and large businesses, public sector organisations, and non-profit organisations […]

Virtual Reality presents a number of challenges

Virtual Reality, the immersive presentation of a digital environment, has been around for many decades – but it’s only recently that we’ve seen affordable and accessible consumer hardware offering the ability to view and interact with VR via an ordinary smartphone. With the rise of VR technology, companies are looking to develop new ways to […]