Assessment Kit-FSK20119 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

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    Pre-order now available. Individual units will be delivered three months after your payment has been received and qualifications will be delivered up to six months after your payment has been received.

    Our assessment resources contain everything you need to begin assessing your learners.

    Our assessment resources include:

    • Assessment Pack (Student)
    • Trainer Assessment Pack (Marking Guide)
    • Mapping for each unit of competency
    • Assessment Record Tools

    Our assessment resources have been aligned to learner cohorts, industry needs and ACSF indicated levels. In order to achieve this, we have conducted:

    • Industry consultation
    • Robust validations
    • Assessment of best practice holistic delivery

    We provide all documents to you in Microsoft Word format, so you can easily customise them as required. Our assessment resources can be used for an unlimited number of students within your RTO. Don’t forget about our QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE!

    Core units
    FSKLRG011 Use routine strategies for work-related learning
    Elective units
    FSKNUM014 Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and percentages for work
    FSKNUM015 Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric measurements for work
    FSKNUM016 Interpret, draw and construct routine 2D and 3D shapes for work
    FSKNUM017 Use familiar and routine maps and plans for work
    FSKNUM018 Collect data and construct routine tables and graphs for work
    FSKDIG003 Use digital technology for non-routine workplace tasks
    FSKLRG009 Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
    FSKLRG010 Use routine strategies for career planning
    FSKLRG012 Apply strategies to plan and manage complex workplace tasks
    FSKLRG013 Apply strategies to respond to complex workplace problems
    FSKLRG014 Manage strategies for career progression
    FSKLRG015 Manage own work-related learning
    FSKLRG018 Develop a plan to organise routine workplace tasks

    * We can develop additional elective units that are not listed on request (Please contact us for further information).

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