Does audit assistance apply to all your training and assessment resources?

Yes. All our resources include audit assistance. For more information, please visit

What do I do to get help from RTO Training Resources?

If you receive a non-compliant outcome for a product that we have provided, please contact us as soon as possible and provide us with a copy of the audit feedback. If the issue arises from our resources in the form that we supplied them to you, we will assist you to overcome the objection, including helping you to explain how the resources do comply with regulatory requirements, or making necessary rectifications to the resources. If the issue arises from changes that you have made to the resources, any action will not be included in the price of the product, but, if you wish, we can help you at our usual rates.

What is included in our assessment resources?

  • Assessment information
  • Assessment tools such as:
  • Assessment plan template
  • Formative and summative assessments, activities, questions and projects
  • Observation report
  • Third-party evidence collection agreement
  • Third-party evidence collection tool
  • Evidence summary sheet
  • Validation, mapping and unit information

Do you provide training/learner resources as well?

Yes. We do provide these resources at additional cost. These resources contain:

  • Learning material to support training
  • Pre-assessment tool
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Session plans
  • Classroom notes

Can you confirm that your training and assessment resources are the most up to date in the market?

Yes. We confirm our resources are most up-to-date as we regularly monitor training package updates so we’re first to market with RTO training materials and assessment tools that support changes to a unit of competency.

Can I customise the training and assessment resources purchased from RTO Training Resources?

Yes. You can customise them to meet the needs of your learner cohort and delivery mode. The training resources are provided in Microsoft Office files. All our resources are provided as unlocked copies.

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